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Product Overview

The V6 is like no other mid-wheel drive wheelchair. It combines the maneuverability and speed of a primary, conventional wheelchair with the off-road capabilities of a SUV. Great for indoors and even better out! If your needs call for something more aggressive for the outdoors, consider Innovation In Motion’s X8 Extreme 4x4, All Terrain Power Wheelchair.

Product Highlights
Huge Mid-Wheel Knobby Tires
2 Powerful 4 Pole DC Motors-MID-WHEEL-DRIVE
Patented Passive Steering System
Almost 1,000 Watts of Power
Massive 75A/Hr Sealed AGM Batteries
Climbs Curbs with ease
400 lb. User Capacity



Available Colors
Flame Red
Navy Onyx
Black  Onyx
and Custom Colors for $425.00
V6 Frontier Base

400 lb. capacity (power seating options will decrease weight capacity and/or alter performance) (2) 4 Pole Motors,
Independent Articulating Suspension, DX2-REM420 Amp Drive Control.
Seating Options, Explanation:
Rehab Seat: Seat back canes with no back and Solid Seat Pan without cushion, Fixed 90° Back Angle, and Height Adjustable Arms.
MPS Seating System: Seat: Three foam, anti-thrust, contoured cushion with anterior and posterior support.
Seat Back: Manual recline, height/angle adjustable and removable headrest with built-in lateral support.
MPS Seat with Solid Seat Pan: MPS seating system with solid seat pan in place of contoured cushion.
Seating Options
Base Seats

Pediatric Rehab Seat
MPS Seat with solid seat pan
and manual Recline
Rehab Seat
MPS Seat with manual Recline
Armrest and Leg-rest Options

Positioning Options
Length: 43"
Minimum Transport Length: 32"
Width: 28"
Floor to Seat Height:
          Rehab: 20.75"
Seat Depth: 16", 18", 20" (1)
Seat Width: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" (2)
Backrest Height:
          MPS without Headrest:
          Rehab: 18" Armrest Height: 7"-12.5"
Weight including Batteries: 260 lbs.
Battery Type: Group 24, 75 amp/hr
Driving Range: 20 miles (3)
Maximum Speed: 7.5 mph
Turning Radius: 21.5"
Maximum Curb Capacity: 4"
Incline Capacity: 15°
Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs
Motors: Two 24V DC Custom Design 4 pole
Total Motor Torque: 900 Watts
Tires: 145-70/6 Low Pressure (3.6psi) Black Knobby
Park Brakes: Electromagnetic Disc X2
Control System: Dynamic Controls DX2 High Current System
Manual Freewheeling: Both Mid Wheels               
(1)(2)16" and 18" standard sizes, other sizes at additional cost
(3) Depending on terrain, weight of user and condition of batteries
**NOTES: Some technical specifications vary with weight of user, type of terrain, useage, temperature and many other influences. It would not be fair to state exact figures. Innovation In Motion suggests that chair type and suitability are selected in conjunction with a referral from a qualified health professional and that users trial products prior to purchase.
This wheelchair is provided with a 12 month Limited Warranty on the parts and workmanship contained within. This warranty does not cover wearing items such as Tires, batteries, upholstery etc. The warranty does not cover freight to or from the manufacturer, that is the chair must be returned to the factory or agent for all warranty repairs. The warranty on the Frontier does not cover breakages / damage to either the motors, gearboxes, or axle shafts caused by use of the wheelchair. Warranty will not cover these items as the manufacturer has no control over the severity of use that this all terrain wheelchair may encounter. We will, at our discretion, repair / replace items that we consider were faulty at time of manufacture.

All warranties are detailed in "Terms & Conditions of Sale (available upon request) Upon acceptance of goods at delivery the purchaser accepts the "Terms & Conditions of Sale"




The Frontier V6 All Terrain Wheelchair

Frontier V6
Qty: Price: $10661.

Select Model:

Select Color:
Black Onyx No Charge
Flame Red No Charge
Navy Onyx No Charge

Select Joystick :

Joystick Mount:
Right Mount
Left Mount

Swing-away Joystick Option:
No Thank You.
Swing-away Joystick $468.

Joystick Options:

Armrest Options:

Leg & Footrest Options:
1548 Center Mount Flip-Up Angle Adj. One Piece Height Adj. $73.
1355 Center Mount Flip-Up Angle Adj. Two Piece Height Adj. $79.
1371 Side Mount Flip-Up Two Piece Height Adj. $124.
CS Calf Strap side mount only $89.
HL Heel Loops $164.
1550 Center Mount Calf Pads $448.
SMCP Side Mount Calf Pads $428.
827A Foot Straps $68.
MESA Manual Elevating /Swing-away Leg-rest $1850.
Loop Style Position Chest Strap CHEST $105.
Padded Butterfly Position Chest Strap PBH $143.
Right Thoracic Lateral Support 1506 R $185.
Left Thoracic Lateral Support 1506 L $185.
Contoured Headrest 1390 $312.
Hip Guides 1509 $287.
Knee Adductors 1509K $343.

Select Seating System:

Power Elevating Leg Rest:

Power Seat Elevator:
12 Inch Seat Elevator 300lbs capacity $4495.
12 Inch Seat Elevator option for driving while elevated $5188.

Seating System Control Function:
None Not ordering any extra power seating functions
SINGLE Seat Function Control Kit Function through Joystick $1365.
SINGLE Seat Function Control Kit Function through Separate Toggle $1365.
MULTIPLE Seat Function Control Kit Function through Joystick $2793.
MULTIPLE Seat Function Control Kit Function through Separate Toggle $2793.

Select Seat Size:



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